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Let your









Fund your laser-focused


Whether it's politics or 501c3 organizations, we amplify your message and extend your reach.

Policy/Affinity Groups

Find, engage, & grow a community that is as passionate about your cause as you are.


Boost Your Music.

Amplify Your Art.

Expand Your Brand.

Now, Supporters
Can Add +++
To Your Ads

Vrooom. Our patent-pending technology takes any video and turns it into a crowd-funded ad paid for by your contacts / customers / connections.

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Find out how the best in class

Unlock a unique, new form of fundraising 

 Kick off a crowdfunded ad campaign that recruits new donors, fans and followers.

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Fundraising Unlocked

We empower individuals to make a difference in the candidates, campaigns or causes they believe in by donating directly to fuel specific ads they want to distribute further—and further.

What is

Your Email List and Social Media Accounts Fund Your Refillable Ads

Easy as 1,2,3. 

How it works

This is the world’s first technology that takes any video and turns it into an ad seen by viewers on the Internet, on television, in newspapers and magazines, or anywhere else. And the ads are refillable by anyone who sees them.

Consolidate digital and social campaigns and spend

Access traditional display ads, along with Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Pinterest to extend audiences and automate the creation of social campaigns.

Extend to a Digital TV Audience

Extend to a TV audience. A white-glove advertising solution for streaming TV platforms.


Easily Launch Your Ad Campaigns

Any organization can post a campaign and start extending its ad budget!


Enable Your Fans and Supporters to Expand the Reach of Your Ads

See your original budget go to work alongside additional dollars from supporters of your ad.


Grow the ROAs of Your
Message and Campaign

Supporters of your ad have put their money right where their minds are. Next, offer them additional ways to get involved in your campaign.


Now, Ads Can Go Viral

Attract and convert supporters, who attract and convert more supporters

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Start using your ads to trigger immediate donations and recruit an army of supporters.


Frequently Asked Questions

We're here to help, support, and execute your campaigns.
Please reach out if there is anything we can better explain.

  • Can I select particular demographics for my ad buy through
    Yes. You can select particular age groups, genders, party affiliations, geographies (down to particular zip codes and, even, neighborhoods, income level, etc.
  • Can I select the media outlets to which my advertisement will be distributed?
    Absolutely. allows you to select the media that your ad appears on—whether websites, social networks or digital television stations.
  • If can make my ad “go further” via donations, and if there is no upfront fee, then why would I launch my ad on any other platform? Is there a catch?
    Frankly, we have no idea ☺Nope. No catch.
  • Is compliant with all state and federal election laws related to fundraising?
    Yes. Our technology complies with all relevant FEC and FCC regulations.
  • Will share donor information with me?
    Yes. We will share all information that donors share with us.
  • Is my campaign information, including the donor demographics we select and any lists of donors you generate for us (or that we share with you), confidential?
    100 Percent. We do not share information related to your campaigns with other campaigns. Our relationship with you will always be built on honesty and trustworthiness.
  • If my campaign or not-for-profit engages with you, will you agree to not engage with my direct competitor(s)?
    Yes. When you choose us, we choose you. It’s as simple as that.
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